Sunday, March 11, 2007

Laura Childs - Gunpowder Green

When a member of Charleston's elite dies while firing an antique gun meant to end the annual yacht race, it seems to be an accident. But when Theodosia along with Hayley and Drayton takes a closer look, she is not so sure about that anymore. After all, Oliver Dixon, the dead man, not only was about to start up a company. He also had a very young wife and there was a family feud.

Oh my, how did I enjoy Gunpowder Green - of course while sipping some Gunpowder green tea ;-) Not only did this installment bring back old acquaintance, it also introduced us to some new people in town. As I said for Death By Darjeeling, this series is wonderful and I'm really glad I have the next in series, Shades Of Earl Grey, on my shelves waiting for me :-)

Rating: A-

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