Saturday, March 24, 2007

Shirley Damsgaard - Witch Way To Murder

Ophelia Jensen is a librarian and a reluctant psychic who doesn't want her gift as she considers it a burden, while her grandmother Abby has no problems at all being a practicing witch and enjoys her encounters with the paranormal.
When a mysterious stranger arrives in their small Iowa town, bomb-making materials are being stolen, and a murdered man is found, Ophelia and Abby's psychic abilities come in quite handy. The two are determined to set things right and find the real evil people, not realizing how much in danger they might get.

This series was recommended by some good friends and book buddies of mine and I can't thank them enough! I know I'll get the second in series, Charmed To Death, for my birthday, so I'll try to make some free time to read this book pretty much as soon as I get it.
It was easy to like the characters, though Ophelia's job as a librarian certainly helped, me being a book addict. The plot was okay though at times it appeared a bit far-fetched, which is why I rated this book only a B+.

Rating: B+

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