Sunday, March 25, 2007

J.D. Robb - Naked In Death

Naked In Death is J.D. Robb's first Eve Dallas mystery, and Nora Roberts first book written as J.D. Robb. It introduces us to Eve Dallas, a cop in the mid 21st century (around 2065, IIRC).
Eve grew up without her family or any recollection of the first 8 years of her life. Now she works as a cop in a society where licenced companions (LC) can be found pretty much everywhere and guns (as we know them) are prohibited. Only collectors with a permit are allowed to own them. When the granddaughter of a important politician, who worked as a LC, is found murdered in her apartment in an obvious pose, the police has to work fast and carefully to find the murderer. But then, a second LC is found dead in her apartment, and it apparently was the same modus operandi as with the politician's granddaughter.

It was a fast-paced mystery which drew you right into the story and still didn't let my mind go entirely. I catch myself thinking about it every now and then and it is still fascinating. I read the second book in series a few years ago thinking it was the first, so when I found out I had to get the real first book, but it took me ages to get to read it.
Now, though, I hope to re-read the second and then the third soon, despite all the other books that are waiting for me. I enjoyed the thought of a world with stricter regulations when it comes to weapons (see Jodi Picoult's latest novel) and possible holiday resorts in outer space, though it still was a world with crime and criminal energy.
Besides the murders and the subsequent investigation, there was also sort of a romantical aspect when Eve meets Roarke, a powerful man who is a suspect at first. The sparks are flying, but in a moderate way so that this part of the story does not overshadow the mystery plot.
Usually, I also pick one or two of my favorite scenes for the review, but this time I just couldn't make up my mind. This explains quite a bit about how I feel about Eve Dallas and the book. I just can't come up with only two scenes I'd like to share, so I will leave it at recommending the series with a big smile on my face and a determination to read my other books faster so I can get to the second in series.

Rating: A-

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