Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Kate Borden - Death of a Tart

Lines To Remember:
[my addition: Ian's message to PJ]
What's past is Prologue.

Peggy Jean Turner is the mayor of Cobb's Landing, a small town in a dire financial situation. When Max, the man who bought the local bank and has a knack for appearing out of nothing, offers an idea to help the town out of its financial woes, everyone's game. So Max helps the town to turn itself into a tourist attraction - a colonial village, to be exact. And they want it all, the costumes, the buildings, the stores, the carriages, etc. What they didn't expect was that the town tart, Selma, would turn up drowned short before the opening of the colonial village...

I enjoyed this first in series quite a bit, though I assume I missed a bit because I had to take a rather long break between the first few pages and finishing it - almost a month! But then, I had to remember the plot for a group read :-)
I really enjoyed the setting, especially how they turned the whole town in a colonial village. As with every series, they left some questions unanswered, so I can only hope to find out more about Max and Ian, and discover how things will continue for Cobb's Landing.

Rating: B+

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