Monday, February 19, 2007

Barbara Seranella - No Human Involved

No Human Involved
Seranella's 1st book
1st book featuring Munch Mancini, ex-druggie and jailbird in 1970s Los Angeles, California
275 pages
Harper Choice

A strung-out waif-cum-ace auto mechanic, Munch Mancini is trying to get clean and get her act together. But temptation and problems keep pushing her closer to the edge. Lke the murder of her abusive father, "Flower George". The cops have her pegged for the crime, and now she's got to stay out of sight of a certain cop named mace St. John. At first it's easy because Mace isn't looking that hard. But when his prime suspect becomes linked to the gruesome murders of several not-so-innocent women, the weary homicide detective goes into overdrive. If Mace wants to solve these murders, he'll have to find Munch. And if Munch wants a new life, she's got to find a way to cut a deal. But as they will both discover, there's a precarious line between trust and betrayal - and the temptation to cross may be too strong to resist.

I'm reading this one in memory of Barbara Seranella, a wonderful person who left far too early. I meant to get and read this book for far too long, I'm afraid :-(

First (two) sentence(s):
"Buy you a drink?"
Munch turned to size up the man who had spoken to her.

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