Friday, February 9, 2007

Lee Harris - The Thanksgiving Day Murder

The Thanksgiving Day Murder
Harris' 6th book
6th book featuring Christine Bennett, ex-nun and college teacher in New York
245 pages
Fawcett Gold Medal

A celebration of abundance becomes a day of loss.
More than a year ago Natalie Gordon went to buy a balloon at the Thanksgiving Day Parade and dissolved into thin air. The police and a private investigator still have no leads. So when Natalie's despairing husband pleads with ex-nun Christine Bennett to help, she can't say no.

Not only are Natalie's present whereabouts a mystery, but so is her past. Someone has stripped her personnel file in her old office. Even her husband knows strangely little about her.

Starting with a cardboard box of Natalie's belongings - a few books, keys, some cosmetics - Chris searches for a life someone has tried very hard to erase and finds a cast of characters so chilling that murder seems not only inevitable but likely to happen again....

I've started this book earlier this morning on my way to work, after finishing Them Bones last night and in dire need of a comfort read. Chris just works that way for me :-) I'm already at page 80 and if nothing gets into my way, I should be able to finish it this weekend!

First sentence:
I drove my cousin Gene back to the residence for retarded adults after mass that very cold Sunday morning.

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