Friday, February 9, 2007

Carolyn Haines - Them Bones

Lines to remember:
[my addition: Sarah Booth and Jitty talking about love life and marriage, in general and about Jitty's in the past]
"I don't suppose you ever heard of a small disruption called the War Between the States. Funny how a thing like romance takes a backseat to survival."

When Sarah Booth Delaney, unconventional Southern Belle and Daddy's Girl, is in monetary trouble, she lets herself be persuaded by Jitty to "dognap" fellow Daddy's Girl Tinkie Bellcase Richmond's dog. When she retrieves Chablis for Tinkie, the woman decides Sarah Booth is just the right person to dig in the past to uncover the truth abot Hamilton Garrett the Fifth and his involvement in his father, Hamilton "Guy" Garrett the Fourth, and mother's, Victoria Garrett, deaths. Little does Sarah Booth know that danger and death go hand in hand with this job offer.

This first in a series with a new-to-me setting introduces the reader to Sarah Booth and some of the other residents of Zinnia, Mississippi. I thoroughly enjoyed this mystery, though I at first had my problems with the setting. There is just a huge difference between the part of the U.S. I know through stories and the part this mystery is set in. I didn't know much about the South, but as soon as I was used to the "way of life" (for lack of a better word, which most likely will come to my mind as soon as I'm in bed), I had a hard time putting down the book.

Despite some bigger questions left open, which is rather usual for mystery series, the story was well developed. Most of the characters were likeable (you have to have some more evil regular characters, don't you?) and I can't wait to go back to Zinnia. The second in series is luckily already ordered and I hope to get it soon!

Rating: A-

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