Saturday, September 1, 2007


Number: 95
Title: Steamed
Author: Jessica Conant-Park & Susan Conant
Started: August 28, 2007
Finished: August 31, 2007
Pages: 287
Genre: mystery
ISBN: 0-425-21038-3

Language: English

Where The Book Came From:

First Sentence: Om Saturday morning I woke up at eight, poured a nasty cup of coffee that had automatically brewed itself at 5:00 a.m. instead of the programmed time of 8:00 a.m., and plopped myself at my kitchen table to do some early mourning people watching out the window.

Cover Blurb: Chloe Carter, food connoisseur and resilient survivor of failed romances, is forever on a quest for the perfect meal and the perfect man. Getting both in one shot is irresistible. That's why Chloe (aka GourmetGirl) accepts a date with DinnerDude online. Too bad her fellow food lover is just another cheap, pompous, well-fed bore. But there must be an easier way to run out on a tab than being stabbed to death in the men's room.

Talk about a rocky love life. Chloe's first date of the week is murdered - and her second is a sweet chef who'd be ideal if he wasn't the prime suspect. As the investigatioon plunges the amateur sleuth into the gourmet restaurant scene, she discovers a cutthroat world rife with killer competition, stormy love affairs, and a recipe for Baby Bok Choy Slaw that's to die for...

Rating: A-

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