Thursday, March 11, 2010

Reading For A Cure - I'm in, are you?

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I have come to the conclusion that I would like to join Wendy's Reading For A Cure for Childhood Cancer. I am reading a book about a 16-year old cancer patient right now (as it is autobiographical, I know said girl survived), so this might be just the right time to join in. I am not yet sure just which level of participation I should choose, so for the time being I'll pick one month. I can still add another month (and another) later.

This is really a great thing Wendy has created there, and I think I will donate 5 Euros for every other book I read (I'm a student and if I really do the entire year I'll have finished over 100 books, so I have to keep it at a reasonable amount).

What about you? Are you already Reading For A Cure or will you still be joining in? Do it, it is a great cause and once you've read Wendy's facts, you'll likely be as shocked as I was.


  1. This sounds like such a great cause. My cousin had Leukemia and passed away, so this hits close to home. You're brilliant for participating :)

  2. So happy you've decided to participate...and I've added your name to the giveaway opportunities this month as well :) Every little bit helps...and I am thrilled to see so many people joining the challenge!! Thanks :)

  3. Melissa, I'm very sorry to hear about your cousin! I also think it is a great cause.

    Wendy, thanks, but that's not really necessary. I think it is a wonderful cause to read for. You created a great challenge! :-)