Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dear Anonymous Spammer

A short break from book-ish stuff for a public service announcement and a letter:

Dear Anonymous Spammer,

Leave! Do it now! Do NOT come back here ever again! I'm tired of rejecting your comments (13 so far today). In fact, you won't be able to comment here anymore until you get yourself registered and even then I will have to approve your sh*t, which I (obviously) won't do. I have no interest whatsoever in helping you promote your sh**ty money making software or whatever it is. Just leave. Shoo! Go! Do NOT return!

Sorry, everyone else, but until jerk-dumbass-idiot (see, I'm trying to stay semi-polite) leaves, I won't turn anonymous commenting back on. If you want to leave me a note, check out my mail or the various other ways to contact me.

Sincerely (but without any patience),


  1. I hate spammers! I hope they all listen to you...

  2. I have another blog on which an Anonymous posts 10-20 times a day on the same post. I've disallowed anon comments, but I still get an e-mail where I am going to post or delete said post. Its makes me as furious as you...!!!

  3. Thanks, I also can't stand them at all!

    Louise, I hope you can get rid of your anonymous. It seems it has worked for me. At least so far!