Thursday, March 18, 2010

Unplugged for a day!

I'll be away for a day. Well, I won't really be going anywhere, but I will unplug for a day. I've spent day and good parts of the night on or near the computer during the past months and I have been exhausted for quite a while now. (Hence the bad blogging on my part, sorry about that!)

I realize I have tons of stuff to do and I haven't even posted a Mailbox Monday this week, but I didn't have the energy left. It's sad!

So I just stumbled across a great idea and I'll participate. The idea is to unplug from everything for a day. To be exact, this day will be Shabbat, so it starts Friday evening going through Saturday evening. The times for me would be:

Beginning 6:10pm CET on Friday and ending 7:30pm CET on Saturday (give or take a few minutes).

It is something Orthodox Jews know by heart and do every single week (and on a number of holidays), and I think it is a wonderful idea. In this day and age, I think we're being ruled by technical gadgets and I feel anxious when I don't have my phone or my computer around. It is a sad state and maybe with this I can overcome the negative feelings for at least one day a week to recharge my batteries and get some reading done.

I doubt I will stay away from every technical gadget at all during this time, but I will do my best to keep at least the majority of them at a distance. For me this whole idea means:

  • no computer
  • no phone
  • max. 2 hours of TV (I tend to distract myself with TV when I'm at my parents' and have nothing else to do - especially because I don't have a TV at my place)

Wish me luck! I'll be going cold turkey...

The background story can be found at Sabbath Manifesto and I also found a nice video where some of the participants explain a bit about it:


  1. This sounds like a great idea! I may join you. I would love a break from everything to recharge. I've been feeling a little burnout lately and haven't been able to get much done.

  2. Sounds great! I have so much to do, that this will be a good idea!!

  3. Thanks, Vasilly & Nina! I had a very wonderful, very relaxing weekend that way. I think I'll try to make this a regular for me - every Friday evening to Saturday evening :-)