Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Book List: Books you loved as a child (Mar 23)

The Book List Meme is a weekly event hosted by Rebecca @ Lost In Books.

This week's theme is about books you loved as a child.

My picks are:

1) pretty much anything Enid Blyton (plus the later books here in Germany in order to continue her series)

2) Agatha Christie (I started reading those pretty early on!)

3) Tais Teng's YA horror novels


  1. You were a precocious reader! My daughter is into Agatha Christie now, my mother was when I was young - somehow the gene skipped me!

  2. I was indeed! As soon as I knew how to read, I read tons of books and it was hard for my parents to keep up the book supply ;-) I also soon got bored with the typical kiddie lit and YA books, so we found something new for me - and thus I became an avid reader of Agatha Christie's mysteries :D
    Sorry to hear, the gene skipped you, though. Have you tried reading her mysteries?

  3. Oh I used to love when my grandma and I would watch the Poirot Mysteries on PBS or A&E. I started reading her books only a few years ago however.

  4. Lexie, I totally agree with you. The movies are great :-) (Most of them, anyway...)

  5. Haha, I would have to say Magic Tree House and Nancy Drew! Oh, and like Junie B. Jones...

  6. Oh I haven't read any of these. And I am sad to say I don't even know who Enid Blyton is! What do you recommend by her for starters?

  7. I haven't read any of those so they're definitely going on my TBR list. I've been wanting to read Agatha Christie for awhile now!

  8. Audrey, why don't you join in next time? Rebecca does this meme every Tuesday and she has some awesome ideas - good to promote some of your favorite books ;-) And: I have never heard of Junie B. Jones, I think *blushes*

    Rebecca, Enid Blyton wrote a few children's series - mostly about bording schools. Here you can see some of her series. I grew up with the Malory Towers series, the St. Clares' series as well as the Famous Five series. Actually, it's the Malory Towers series which was extended here in Germany - for quite some years, actually.

    Vasilly, get yourself an Agatha Christie mystery! Really, they're awesome! :D