Saturday, January 16, 2010

Series Challenge 4 - reviews and summaries

So, it's about time I wrote up a post to gather all the reviews and summaries.

The reviews so far:
1) Samantha: Once Bitten, Twice Shy by Jennifer Rardin

The summaries:


  1. I have added up 2 reviews for this challenge over the weekend :

    Shalador's Lady :
    Archenemy :

  2. Here's a link to my wrap up post. It includes links to all my reviews for this challenge.

  3. I forgot this ended

    1. Roberts, Nora The Cordina Family - the Playboy Prince
    The Cordina Family was a little silly. Based on the country of Monico, the royal princess marries an
    American, oh sure. The Royal daughter also marries an American and the 2nd Royal son marries a
    2. Brennan, Allison Cutting Edge
    I lvoe Bremmam a fairly new author. Nora English and her sister Quinn had a rough time growing up. There
    mom washomeless, rapid terriorist. Now grown she is FBI, while Quinn is an arson investigator. Now int he
    present a plant has been bommed, the owner dead and they are investigating. It turns out when their mom
    went to jail she had a baby, that was adopted out and now is 20 and set to revenge her mohter.
    3. Patterson, James Worst Case Another in the Michael Bennet and his 10 children saga. Children of
    wealthy parents are snatch right off the street and shot thru the head shortly afterwards. The killer
    goes on to ask for ransom.
    4. Krentz, Jayne Ann Fired Up
    Another in the ARcne Society series. Jack Wintrs hires Seattle, paranormal PI Chloe Harper to help him
    find a lamp, a very special lamp to keep him from turning into a monster. He needs the lamp to get
    rid of a psychic ability he has gotten, he ends with a love affiar.
    5. Woods, Stuart Kisser
    The lastest Stone Barrington with more than enough sexual partners to satisfy any man. Stone picks up
    Carrie Cox and inspiring actress who has an ex-husband on her trail eith death in his mind. Then his
    main employer calls to hve hm separate one of theri clients daughtrs from a drug deale/con artist. He is
    able to have sex with most of them.