Saturday, January 9, 2010

My second Bloggiesta update

Now that the second day for the Bloggiesta at Natasha's blog, Maw Books Blog is almost over (at least for me here in Germany), I figured it's about time I write another update.

Yesterday I updated my blog rolls for both my English blog here and German blog. Then, I also finally got myself a gravatar which I now use for my blogger profile and on twitter.

Today, I worked on my review template (which you'll see very soon, so let me know what you think!) and I fiddled with the labels on all my posts. Now it should be a lot more organized. I also created a favicon, but so far I haven't figured out how (or where) to upload it so that I can even think about putting it up there. (If you can help me, please, please let me know!)
Also, you can now follow me on twitter with the help of a cute button on the right side and you can even sign up to get my posts via e-mail.
Now, I have also finished up a few reviews I started writing a while ago. Technically, they're only reviewlets, though, because I waited far too long to be able to write a proper review...

What is left for this weekend (besides finally getting my a** up and work on the essay due next Friday) is thinking about who could be my blogging buddy (if you have an idea or could help me there, send me a short message at dreamworldofabookaholic AT googlemail DOT com - I'm generally very shy when it comes to meeting people or introducing myself to people, which doesn't really help me going out there, I'm afraid!) and work on a few more reviews.

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