Friday, January 8, 2010

Bloggiesta - the first update

So, it's about time for my first Bloggiesta update.

So far I have taken care of the blog rolls both here and at my German blog. If you want to be on my blog roll and I have missed you (sorry, it's been a bit crazy with all the names), please let me know!

And then I finally got myself a gravatar! You can also see it in my profile on blogger and on twitter. (By the way, follow me on twitter, if you'd like!)

Now I'm off to write a review, before I have to really get back to my work for university (I have an essay due next Friday on travel lit and a book I haven't read in quite a while and four presentations on four very different subjects the week after.)


  1. Great job so far!!! So happy that you are joining in!

  2. Nice! You are making progress! Have a great Bloggiesta weekend!

  3. Natasha, thanks! I love your Bloggiesta and will probably join in whenever you host it (unless I have previous obligations)... Please host it again (and again, and again ;-) ).

    Sheila, thanks a lot!