Saturday, January 16, 2010

and thus, the Mystery Read-A-Thon begins

For this weekend, I'm pretty much all set for the 3rd Mystery Read-A-Thon. Except for tonight, when I'll be out celebrating my Uncle's 50th birthday (Happy birthday, Bardo!), I will spend the weekend reading.

1) Give us five fun-facts about you.
I really have to figure out how to make buttons, so we have a button for the 4th Mystery Read-A-Thon in summer!
I completely forgot we'll celebrate my uncle's 50th b-day tonight. Sorry! Just prepared the panna cotta, will then make some mousse à la vanille.
Earlier this week I was worried what I would do if my male (but not gay) hairdresser would leave, and today Mom tells me he took over from the previous owners, so there's no need to worry.
I have two cats - they're brothers and we found them in our garden, sick with the cat flu or something like that and only the two of them survived :-( But they're hilarious! (Pictures will follow later this month, or maybe a vlog.)
I've semi-successfully weeded out Mt. TBR so now I'm back to about 300 books. What a relief!

2) What is on your TBR stack for the next two days?
John J. LeBeau's Collision of Evil - I'm excited!
Charlaine Harris' Dead Until Dark

3) Do you have any specific hopes and plans for this read-a-thon?
I want to finish the book. Everything else is a bonus.

4) Did you participate in the Mystery Read-A-Thon in the past?
Yes, I participated during the first read-a-thon, but couldn't make it for the second

5) If you already participated, can you give the new participants any tips on what to do and what not to do?
Don't overdo it, take short breaks - and keep hydrated... Nothing is worse than forgetting to drink something while reading and then having a headache. And pick shorter books for in between! Otherwise: Send everyone out so you can read and order-in.


  1. True! We do need a button! I think one of us ought to do it. Lets spread the word around!

    Mystery Readathon: Intro post

  2. We definitely need a button. I thought the same thing. Good call on the water. I'm already feeling thirsty.

  3. Have fun (i just found your blog). I'm participating as well.

  4. I should have taken the "send everyone away" advice. Next time.

  5. Sending everyone away is one of the few things that actually work if you want to really spend time reading. Unfortunately!

    And before the next Mystery Read-A-Thon, we'll host a contest to get a few buttons :)