Thursday, March 26, 2009

Polyglot Agatha Reading Challenge

Francesca over at Parole (Italian for "word") is hosting a challenge I just can't resist. It's the Polyglot Agatha Reading Challenge. To get to Francesca's post, just click on the picture above!

The challenge starts April 1 and ends December 31. The goal is to read at least one book in a language that is not your mothertongue. I am German, so I can read Agatha Christie novels in any language other than German.

Here's part of what Francesca wrote:

When you read a book for the challenge, I’d like you to tell me (either in a blog post or in a comment here) what you learned from it. I’m not so much interested in reviews, but I’d like to know which new words or turns of phrase you discovered. For example, when reading The murder of Roger Ackroyd in Portuguese, I learned that to indicate two people that are very close, inseparable, you can say “ser unha e carne” (i.e. to be nail and flesh). Again, this is entirely optional.

I know it’s all very short notice, and you are all welcome to sign up for the challenge at any stage. But there is a special giveaway for people who sign up by March 31st: I’ll draw a name on April 1st and send them one book of their choice to read for this challenge.

Again because it’s very short notice, I decided to set up a giveaway for people who link to this challenge in their blogs. Again, the time limit is March 31 and I’ll draw a name on April 1st. This giveaway is open even to people who don’t want to sign up for the challenge. To enter, leave me a comment on this post, with a link to the post in which you linked to the challenge. [ETA: the prize for this giveaway is a surprise, it's for me to decide based on the winner's reading tastes, and for you to find out!]

The languages I will choose from will be English, French and Italian. My first book for the challenge is already on Mt. TBR and additional books will be added as I read:

1) The Murder On The Links


  1. Thank you for sharing the news, and I hope you enjoy the experience!