Sunday, March 1, 2009

getting back to blogging

The last two weeks have been busy, not with work, but with life. First, I managed to get sick. I caught the flu and this time it was the full-blown attack of all the symptoms, including fever (which I haven't had in the past 10+ years), tiredness to the brink of being awake for 9 hours during the entire weekend with the rest of them being fast asleep either in bed or on the couch - you name it, I had it!

Luckily, I was okay again in time for carneval last weekend. Well, for the second half of the fun at least... While carneval starts on Thursday here, I couldn't join in until Sunday, for the parade, but that was okay. A friend from university came to enjoy the whole stuff with me and it was awesome! I mean, for the first time in about 20 years I didn't pay attention in the least to what was written on the sides of the parade wagons. But that was okay because we had fun and the party on Monday was even better. Well, I'm leaving out a few details in order to not bore you too much - or maybe they wouldn't bore you... *g*

Now the past few days I've been playing catch up with all the blogs and mails I've received in the mean time and now I'm trying to catch up with reviews, comments and everything else here. Give me some time, but I will make it - I have every intention!

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