Saturday, March 21, 2009

Blog Improvement Project #2 - Brainstorming Ideas

I realize I'm really rather late with this, but so I will simply post the last installments during the nex couple days.

This installment is all about content, and about brainstorming ideas. For this, Kim posted three links to get the brainstorming going:

* 24 Things to do When Stuck for a Topic to Blog About
* Brainstorming Techniques for Bloggers
* 9 Steps to Better Blog Post Ideas

When I first started out the post for this BIP, I didn't come up with any ideas at all, but now I have a few ideas. Since I don't think I can do all three, I figured I'd ask you which idea you like best.

So, my first idea is not really unique, but since I'm a huge series reader and so I thought about doing special features about book series and their authors. I was thinking along the way of author biographies, info on the series, maybe even some info on the main characters - and if you have some ideas what else to add, let me know!

Another idea was to regularly post general stuff on reading. I know this sounds vague, but I was thinking about posts on Mt. TBR, book buying wishlists, the different genres, challenges, etc.

And my third (and so far last idea) was a result of my minor, comparative religion. There are so many religions out there and I only found a challenge and a weekly event on Christianity and a challenge on Judaism, but nothing else. So I was thinking about a regular feature on religion and literature that is not limited to one religion, but rather gives a broad overview. Also, I would not only introduce non-fiction on the religions but also novels.

So what do you think? Are my ideas okay and would you be interested? And if so, which one is the best?


  1. I love ALL of your idea. I'm a big series reader (mysteries, fantasies, and anything else), so that feature would interest me. I think personal posts about reading are great and the religious aspect is super too.

  2. I would love, love, love to see the last one appear here! Quite original I think.

  3. Well, I'm not sure if this is to find good ideas to write a FAST post or to write a GOOD post. With series, authors etc., you'd get a ton of things to write about, so if you are stuck it would help. If you just need to post something, anything, the second idea would help you. The religion thing, on the other hand, would give you a few headaches to actually write the posts, but they would result in a lot of interest. Well that's how I feel about it anyway...

  4. I think the series one is a cool idea, there are a ton of good series out there but sometimes they are hard to find. It would be hard to write about it much without spoilers, but I'm sure you could find a way.


  5. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate your weighing in and I've finally come to a conclusion :-) I hope you'll check back in!