Monday, March 2, 2009

Cozy Mystery Challenge 2009

So, here's another challenge, but honestly, how can I say no to a challenge that is about cozy mysteries?

To join this challenge, please visit Kris at not enough books.

The rules are simple:

1. The challenge runs from April 1, 2009 –September 30, 2009 (6 months)

2. The goal is to read at least 1 cozy mystery for each month, so a total of 6. You can read these all in the same month, one per month, or however you want.

3. It is ok to use books that you are already reading for other challenges, however at least 2 need to be specific for this challenge.

4. You do not need to have a blog to participate

5. You are not required to make a list of books you plan to read ahead of time, but it would be fun if you did. I do ask that you at least create a post for this challenge and link back to this post. Please also note how many books you plan to read for this challenge.

6. You must sign-up before April 1st, so the last date to sign up is March 31st.

7. To sign up for the challenge – please use Mr. Linky below. Behind your name, please put the number of books you plan to read for this challenge in (). Example: Kris (6)

8. At the end of the challenge, If you have a blog, please create a wrap-up post telling others how you did and listing each of the books you read for the challenge and link them to your reviews. I will create a posting regarding the end of the challenge and ask that you sign Mr. Linky and link your wrap-up post. That made sense right? If you don't have a blog, just enter your name and the number of books you did read in (). Example: Kris (6).

9. Prizes you ask? Of course! For each person who completes the challenge, I will send you a homemade bookmark. I know – you are overcome with excitement you can join this challenge fast enough!

As my Mt. TBR is huge, I will only commit to read 6, but I know I'll most likely read more. I haven't made up a list yet, but I'm sure it will grow as I read my way through 2009.
My books will be added here:
1) Victoria Laure: Crime Seen
2) Eimilie Richards: Ministry Is Murder #2


  1. Thanks for joining the challenge! I love the Victoria Laurie series!

  2. Kris, thanks for hosting the challenge! I also love Victoria Laurie's books a lot :-)