Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The year is almost over...

... (only 23 hours and 10 minutes at this very moment), and I realize how bad I've been with everything this year. No reviews (well, hardly any at least!), no regular posting, only two finished challenges (even though I've joined quite a few more), and not much else accomplished!

I'm astonished I even remembered I had this blog in the first place!

Well, I figured I might at least try to do better - much better - in 2009! But whether I succeed isn't even "written in the stars" as one would say here. Maybe I can at least manage to post once a week? I'll definitely try to accomplish that!

Oh, if someone knows how the new Google documents work and how to post a link to my reading list for the challenges on my blog, please let me know! I tried to no avail to grant you a look at my list, in case you're interested, for the past week.

Challenge-wise, 2009 will be a lot worse! By now I've signed up for almost 40 challenges, and I believe the 40 will fall some day before December 2009. I'm not sure I can complete that many challenges, but they will certainly help me broaden my reading. (I think I maybe should at least post a list of challenges I'll be doing until December 31, 2009 with links to my reading lists?)

By now, there are only 22 hours and 49 minutes left in 2008 and this means, it's late at night. I should probably go to bed now...


  1. Thanks for joining my World Citizen Challenge! Sounds like you have a busy year ahead of you. :)

  2. 40 challenges!?! You're so brave. I joined 22, so I'm just as bad. Yes, please post your lists of joined challenges. I would love to see that. Happy New Year!

  3. @ Eva: Thanks for having me!

    @ N. Vasillis: I feel like I'm insane rather than brave, with all those challenges. But I will try my best with them. That's one of my "secret" New Year's resolutions...