Monday, December 22, 2008

2009 Suspense & Thriller Reading Challenge

So, how can I possibly refuse to try the Suspense and Thriller Challenge J. Kaye is hosting??? If you now say it is impossible, you're absolutely right!

My list will follow here (I should have one at the end of this month):
1) Victoria Laurie: Crime Seen (Amateur Detective mystery)
2) J.D. Robb: (Futuristic mystery)
3) Robert Fate: Baby Shark’s Beaumont Tales (Hard-boiled mystery)
4) Rhys Bowen: Death Of Riley (Historical mystery)
5) Tess Gerritsen: (Medical thriller)
6) (Military thrillers)
7) Vince Flynn: (Political thriller)
8) Sue Grafton: (P.I. mystery)
9) (Religious or Romantic thriller)
10) Richard Montanari: (Serial Killer thriller)
11) Robert Ludlum: The Bourne Identity (Spy thriller)
12) (Terrorist thriller)


  1. Welcome to the S/T Reading Challenge! Love this genre too. :)

  2. Thanks again, J. Kaye! I'm not sure, but it sure seems I joined most of the challenges you're hosting! LOL