Wednesday, December 30, 2009

reviewlets - SEP: LADY BE GOOD; Nalini Singh: VISIONS OF HEAT; Donna Kauffman: THE CINDERELLA RULES

It has been months since I read the following books and I still haven't reviewed a bunch of books, so I'll give you some reviewlets of those I don't remember too well anymore. I'll try to sort them by genre or topic, as good as possible, but I won't promise anything ;-)

Susan Elizabeth Phillips
414 pages

I have no clue how many times I have read this book already. It has become one of the few reads I'm reading again and again. I just like SEP's writing, the story and the hilarious characters. There's nothing that lifts my mood as good as the women and men in these chick lit/romance novels. In Lady be Good, British Lady Emma Wells-Finch travels to Texas to meet with the only man who might be able to help her ruin her impeccable reputation: Kenny Traveler. Only he has no intention of helping her, as exactly this would probably mean the end of his pro-golfing career. You see, Kenny has a similar problem as Tiger Woods currently has: he has been seeing far too many women. And on top of that, Kenny also has been in a few bar fights, which upset the organizer of the pro-golf tour so much he suspended him from playing. Now these two very opposite characters with there most definitely completely opposite agendas meet (Emma wants to lose her reputation in order to avoid a truly disgusting man who wants to marry her for exactly that reputation and tries to pressure her into complying) and worlds clash.

Nalini Singh
380 pages

I'm sure I'm one of the last people in the world who like were-whatever (what's the correct term again, when it's not just werewolves?) and a little romance plus lots of suspense that started reading Nalini Singh's books. In this installment, Faith Nightstar can predict the future dangerously accurate, but when a murder turns her life upside down. She sees the murders in scary details, but has no clue who the killer could possibly be, so in order to stay safe, in order to not be locked up in a cell, she turns to the only people she thinks might be able to help her.

Donna Kauffman
462 pages

When Darby Landon's sister asks her to fill in for her and take care of one of their father's client, Darby is in big trouble. She has been as far away from high society as she possibly could for the past years - on her grandfather's farm in a very rural area of Montana. Now she has to go back to Washington and figure out how to act like the societal butterfly her father's client is expecting. For her to be able to pull it off, her sister Pepper even hired the Glass Slipper Inc., a company that is all set on helping people dress right, behave right, etc - like the fairy godmother in Cinderella.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book, not only because the story was hilarious, but because Kauffman added a mystery, a spy story in the background.


  1. I Love SEP and have read all of her books. A few of them more than once :)

  2. stacybuckeye, I know what you mean. I've re-read many of SEP's books as well. It always means I'm going to have a good time :-D