Tuesday, December 1, 2009

the one with the "Hidden Treasures"

For this, I was inspired by a challenge in a German book forum. I liked the general idea, but all in all the rules were too difficult for my taste. Now I have tweaked it a bit - okay, maybe more than just a bit - to make it a great bi-monthly event, I hope!

The basic idea is to post your TBR list (whether you choose the whole big thing or the smaller list you created for your challenges) and have someone else pick your next book with a short explanation why they picked this book and not one of the dozen other books. The first book title left to you in your comment section is the one you're supposed to read (or at least try to read, if it turns out to be so bad you can't stand the thought of finishing it) within the next two months. That way, we all could find those hidden treasures on Mt. TBR that we neglected, ignored all this time!

Now, you don't have to participate in each round! Just join in when you can't decide what to read next or want a change of pace. Sign up in the comment section of my bi-monthly post by leaving a link to your post with your current TBR stack.

Also, to give everyone a chance to recommend someone a book and maybe even get to know our fellow book bloggers a bit better, don't leave that one book recommendation for every blogger that already signed up. ;-)

Now, I'll start with my list, which you can find here.

Which book should I read and why? I'll read the book until the end of January and post a review hopefully at the beginning of February at the latest (early on in the year, I'm better with reviewing on time).


  1. This would never work fo rme unless they were going to come here and find the book as well.

  2. I think you should read Half of A Yellow Sun - I love Adiche's work!!!

  3. What a wonderful idea! I pick Sophia Kinsella's Remember Me. It's a quick read-I love her books. Undomestic Goddess was a good read as well.

  4. Grilsgood, do you participate in challenges? Just use your challenge stack or a short stack of books you can find! No one has to use their entire stack! I just decided to do so for this year because I won't be able to finish any more challenges. :-)

    Wendy, thanks for picking my book. Once I finished one or two of my current reads, I will start it. Should be the case later in December...

    A Buckeye Girl Reads, I actually already had my read for this turn, but as the holiday season is close (even here in Germany), I'll read the book as well. Thanks!

  5. I'm in, as I said earlier. I think I deleted my comment by accident though.

  6. What a wonderful idea. I'll play. I think since I love Nora Roberts you should read "Jewels of the Sun."

  7. I'm in for the next round. I'm all scheduled out until February (how sad is that?) but I think this is an awesome idea.

    From your list, I would recommend Dead Until Dark. I read it recently and it was great. Probably even better than great had I not watched the show first.

  8. Thanks everyone for participating :-) I think it's wonderful! I'll post the next one in mid-January. I originally thought I might do it every month (even though I said it would be bi-monthly), but if I keep getting a whole bunch of books, I think every other month would be a safer bet - to up my chances of finishing the books...

    Robin, did you get your book or do you want me to pop on over and pick one?