Monday, December 28, 2009


Martin Millar
751 pages
Soft Skull Press
ISBN: 978-0-979-66366-6

Werewolf Kalix MacRinnalch is a fugitive - from her family! After attacking her father, she was banned from her clan and werewolf hunters are out to get her. She finds a hide-out with two young students in London, Moonglow and Daniel, but she can't shake off the past that easily and both Moonglow and Daniel are drawn into the family feud.

I absolutely loved this book! I pretty much raced through the 751 pages (of my German copy) and when I brought it to class with me, I even infected a friend. Millar's characters are hilarious, he knows how to create wonderfully funny scenes that - if read in public - might cause some awkward scenes, because trust me, people are very sensitive when it comes to people laughing very loud in public.

Millar develops the characters very well over the whole 751 pages and it will be a real treat to see what will happen further as we proceed to the second book.

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