Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bookworms Carnival - looking for submissions

So, I am going to host the Bookworms Carnival on January 9, so it's about time to tell you about my theme and ask you all to send in your submissions... :-)

I picked Series as my theme, in part because I've been hosting the Series Challenge for over 3 years now and I absolutely love series. It is nice to rejoice with characters we already know and and see them develop and grow. But I'm not necessarily only talking about series revolving around a certain cast of characters or series set in one world only. Theoretically, this theme is so broad, you could also submit a blog post on the "for Dummies" books or any other series-type book you can find.

And to have something to take back to your blog:
What is it about series you like most? Which are the series you enjoy most? And do you remember the first series you read? And do you prefer to have something on the covers that links the books (like the yellow background and the comic-style guy on the "for Dummies" books to give only one example) or don't the covers matter to you that much?

To submit entries to the carnival or for any questions you might have, feel free to write to me at dreamworldofabookaholic [AT] googlemail [DOT] com !

So have them coming, the submissions! :-)

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  1. Okie dokie!!! Me first!!!

    I adore:
    Women of the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong
    T-FLAC psi series by Cherry Adair
    Makers Song series by Adrian Phoenix
    Candace Steel Vampire Killer series by Cameron Dean
    Maggie Stiefvator's 2 YA series
    Broken Vampire series by Michele Bardsley
    Demonica series by Larissa Ione
    Mercy Thompson Patricia Briggs

    hmmmm... there is more but I must think!!=)