Tuesday, November 17, 2009

the one with the stupid, stupid idea

Did I mention I'm on a book buying ban? I think I did, but honestly, I'm sooo bad at it! Today I have classes from 10 am until 7:30 pm with only a 2 hour break for some lunch and I realized that the only book I have with me is a fantasy novel that has more se* scenes in it than your average Harlequin Blaze romance. (In case you're wondering, I'm reading Anne Bishop's Daughter of the Blood.) Now, I really don't feel like reading it right now, even though it is a book that came highly recommended by a friend of mine.

Right now, this book is simply annoying me, so when I had some time left after lunch and some much needed shopping (just the most basic stuff - new hair brush, some tea, etc.) I still had some time left and my favorite coffee shop was packed with people, I decided that the book store around the corner might be a nice place to stay warm and dry until I could get some coffee. Now what a stupid, stupid idea!!!

When I saw that they had The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley I decided that maybe this was the book I should read while I'm at university for the rest of the day. Only - I didn't pay right away. No, I had to look around and browse the shelves a bit longer. Again: What a stupid, stupid idea!

I had three books in hand, when I finally decided I should probably just pay, leave and hope that I could get my coffee.

Oh, right. This being a book blog, it might be a good idea to let you in on the books I got:

Alan Bradley: The Sweetness At The Bottom of the Pie - I can only blame this one on Ann Kingman & Michael Kindness @ Books on the Nightstand. It was at their podcast that I first heard the book and I've been thinking about getting the book ever since. They mentioned it in Episode #21 and then again in Episode #29.

Melissa Marr: Wicked Lovely - I don't remember whom I should blame for this book, but I read a few reviews and as soon as I find them again, I will edit this post accordingly. No blogger should go without the blame he or she deserves ;-)

Gareth P. Jones: The Thornthwaite Inheritance - Now this is a book I never heard a thing about, but the cover and the back cover blurb sounds hilarious, so I had to get this book!

Next time I leave campus for lunch, I'll make sure I'll drag someone along with me - someone who knows I'm on a book buying ban and has enough strenght to keep me away from book stores!

(On a small side note: This is year #4 that I leave NaNo early, I just can't do it. Not with 20 hours of class each week and work - and sleep. Maybe next year...)


  1. very interesting blog :)
    I know that feeling - browsing and browsing for ages and aged, and it is lovely when you can read a nice new book and drink a coffee at the same time :)

  2. Don't feel bad - this is the kind of mistake every book lover can sympathize with :P Enjoy your acquisitions!

    Also, I've read the Black Jewels Trilogy, and while I enjoyed it a lot I see what you mean :P

  3. Conor, thanks :-)

    Nymeth, thanks! I know we all have experienced this several times in our lives already (and certainly will experience it many more times).
    I might try the Black Jewels Trilogy again, as I still have the book. Could you, by chance, tell me whether it continues like that?