Friday, November 20, 2009

the one with the non-bookish rant

Okay, I'm sorry, but there's a non-bookish rant ahead - YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!!

I know I am waaay behind, but I just finished the very last two episodes of Gilmore Girls. I had the DVD box on the shelf next to the TV at my parents' for ages literally, but I couldn't make myself watch it because I knew there wouldn't be any more Lorelai and Rory as soon as I finished the 7th season.

Now first of all: It's over after only 7 seasons? Why? I want more of the girls, of Emily & Richard, of the people in Stars Hollow... I can't believe this is it! I want more, I have so many questions that weren't answered.

And then, the last two episodes. The ones I watched today, tonight. I'm sorry, but up until last weekend (yes, I live without a TV on weekdays!) I was okay with the story line, with what happened. But now? If Lorelai and Luke hadn't "made up" somehow, and if Emily hadn't showed in her very, very unique and bossy way that she really wants Lorelai to be around, that she wants to see her and talk to her and know what's going on, then I would have opened the blends again and thrown the whole damn DVD box out!!!

I mean, seriously? No more Logan? Never again Logan and Rory? They've been through so much together, had they ups and downs and now this is it? Just like that and for such a stupid reason??? Look at them!

No, sorry, I don't buy it and I'm pissed. I don't even know how to say it!!!

Goodbye, my beloved Gilmore Girls! I spent years with you and had so much fun. You'll be missed!


  1. I am now working my way through the dvd box set because UK tv refuses to show me the actual real end of Gilmore Girls and instead leaves me hanging in Series 6 or something then goes back to the begining of the show. I feel I may be kind of gutted by the ending (although I don't love Logan they do make a good couple even though I was constantly rooting for a 'hey surprise Jess is back storyline').

  2. I was an avid watcher while it aired and still catch the reruns when they air on ABCFamily. I think they should have done at LEAST one more season. I personally didn't like how they ended it.

  3. Jodie, I'm not sure, but maybe the UK TV was right about leaving the real ending out. As for Logan - you might come around to love him later on, when you're watching the other episodes. Let me know!

    butterfly11780, I totally agree. I would have loved another season! Then it might have made more sense...