Sunday, November 1, 2009

my first vlog and summer reading

I can't believe I did that, but apparently, it is true! I did my very first vlog. I had planned this for a while, but was very reluctant. I had to cut and edit it a bit because of its original length, though. Oh, and I apologize up front - I used so many "funs" in that one *sigh* Plus, its a bit grainy and dark and I have a sore throat, so my voice is a bit scratchy...

Anyway, it's totally up to you all whether I'll do another vlog or not, I think. So tell me what you think!

So, I really don't know why my summer reading is always so different from my other reading. I long for quick reads in summer, books that are entertaining and - if possible - can be read within a day or less. Maybe that's because I read some rather hefty books for university? Or because it's summer and with the warm weather my brain doesn't work as fast? Or maybe I'm really just lazy and haven't really tried to find other easy, entertaining reads? And it stops as soon as it is colder again!
Basically, I think my summer reading consists of romance, fantasy and mystery.

Now, I have a challenge for you: Recommend some books for next summer! What books are easy to read that are not necessarily romance novels. I would love to read something else for a change!

The books I'm talking about are:

Janet Evanovich: SMITTEN (234 pages, ISBN: 978-0-06-059887-7)

Jill Shalvis: STORM FRONT (209 pages, ISBN: 978-0-373-79491-1)

Julie James: JUST THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE (296 pages, ISBN: 978-0-425-22420-5) - and I should have blamed the girls of The Book Binge for that author as well!)

Merline Lovelace: A QUESTION OF INTENT (248 pages, ISBN: 0-373-27325-8)

Kristan Higgins: JUST ONE OF THE GUYS (376 pages, ISBN: 978-0-373-77299-5)

Sara Orwig: WYOMING WEDDING (177 pages, ISBN: 978-0-373-76947-6)

Carly Phillips: HOT PROPERTY (478 pages, ISBN: 978-0-373-77333-6)


  1. Books Books Books..... Try Bill Bryson? He is a great Author!

  2. Great vlog! I read the Jill Shalvis you mentioned and thought it was ok. Lately I've enjoyed the first two books in her "Instant" series. I have the Kristan Higgins book you mentioned on my Kindle. Can't wait to read it now! I've only read one of her books: Too Good to Be True. It's one of my 2009 favorite books. Laughed out loud a lot while reading it, so if you read it don't take it on public transportation! I also have the Julie James book on my KIndle.

    You should do vlogs regularly. You seem very comfortable doing this and I think your Engish is great!

    Happy reading : )

  3. Suggestions for summer reading (romance):
    The Lakeshore Chronicles series by Susan Wiggs
    The Virgin River series by Robyn Carr

  4. Great vlog and its great to hear your voice. Have you read Jill Mansell yet? You should...very quick summer reading. Start there.

  5. Your English is wonderful--you have absolutely nothing to apologize for! I agree that the image is dark and would love to be able to see you better, but I enjoyed this vlog very much and congratulate you on being brave enough to do it.

    I also loved that you said "well, it's your problem" about people who disapprove of romance. As a romance writer who's been published in German as well as English, I want to thank you for that! You made me laugh.

    Harlequin Superromance Oct. 2009
    Bell Bridge Books April 2010

  6. P.S. I completely agree about the Wiggs Lakeshore Chronicles and the Carr Virgin River series. I've been given the enormous honor of appearing in a holiday anthology for 2010 with Robyn Carr, and I'm really excited. Plus, Susan Wiggs is giving me a quote for my April book, which is a total thrill! I just read my first Kristan Higgins book this summer and agree that she's a hoot!

  7. Great vlog! I agree that the picture was dark. Could you add more lighting to the room? Your voice and English were great! I understood you perfectly.

    Have you read The Secret River by Kate Grenville? It's one of my all time favorite books and great summer reading, or anytime.

  8. I love mixing romance reads in amongst my other genre reading! Your vlog was very good. You are far braver than I am!

    Of the books you mentioned I have read all of the rereleased romances from Janet Evanovich, and I own one of Kristin Higgins books but haven't read it yet.

  9. @ Conor: I know Bill Bryson and have read one or two of his books. Maybe you're right and it's time for another one :-)

  10. @ Mary: Thanks for the recommendation!
    I read the first Instant book and have the second on Mt. TBR. They're fun to read. Please let me know once you read the Kristan Higgins books and the Julie James one, I'll link to your reviews! I think I have Too Good To Be True on Mt. TBR, by the way, so I'm really glad to hear you liked it so much! But I'll definitely only read it at home - especially with your warning :-)
    I'm so glad you liked the vlog! I never heard myself say something in English before, so I was very, very nervous. Well, and your request for regular vlogs might come true - I just posted the second one. Let me know what you think!

  11. @ Serena: Thanks a lot! I was a bit afraid because in my mind, my voice sounds different, darker somehow! I haven't read Jill Mansell yet, so I'll make sure to put her on my list. Any recommendation on where to start? Or is it safe to just pick up the next best book?

  12. @ Jean: I'm glad you think my English is okay and that you loved my "that's your problem" :-) As for the image, I fixed that with the new vlog, I think. I'll just have to remember to put the lamp next to the computer when I record a vlog... I'll keep an eye out for your books.
    (As for being brave, btw, I'm usually much more of a chicken ;-) )

  13. @ Teddy Rose: Thanks a lot! I'm glad I wasn't hard to understand. I hope the picture in the new vlog is better? I'll write down The Secret River for next summer, thanks for the recommendation!

  14. @ Marg: Mixing romance in does lighten up the reading, doesn't it? :-) I love Janet Evanovich's books and please, let me know when you read the Kristan Higgins!
    And brave, me? No way! The biggest chicken you can find is a better description. There were weeks between my first thought about a vlog and the actual thing!!!