Thursday, June 4, 2009

If only ... it would rain!

Most of you might call me nuts now, but I'm dead-serious. I have allergies and asthma, and it hasn't rained in 2 weeks. The exact opposite actually. It is sunny with a slight wind - that keeps whirling up the pollen again and again - and again!

This has in fact left me feeling tired, exhausted and without the ability to concentrate. It right now is hard work for me to get up and ready for university (I'm going to leave out actually attending class and trying to pay attention as good as possible).

Now, this weekend, there are two read-a-thon's coming up. The 48 Hour Read-A-Thon and the Mystery Read-A-Thon. I intend to participate, but I'm really curious how it will work out. Last weekend, after all, I spent most of the time sleeping!

Now, despite all this, I still hope I will be able to participate and make a dent in my reading stack. Wish me luck!

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