Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gosho Aoyama: CASE CLOSED VOL. 15-18

Gosho Aoyama
Egmont Manga & Anime
752 pages
ISBN: #15: 978-3-89885-396-5
#16: 978-3-89885-397-2
#17: 978-3-89885-398-5
#18: 978-3-89885-399-6

Note: As the story lines for this series usually overlap volumes, I’m going to review the volumes I read back to back in one review. Also, the ISBN numbers are for the German edition. For the English manga, please click on the covers – it leads you right to

For those who don’t know Conan Edogawa yet, let me introduce him. He is a young student who solves cases, for the most part on his own. Only, he’s not really the young student he seems to be, he’s actually the 17-year old high school student Shinichi Kudo. When he saw a transaction made by a few men in black, they poison him in order to kill him, but the poison, which has just been developped. The poison didn’t kill him, but it shrunk him into a about 7 year old boy. Now he lives with Kogoro Mori, a third class private investigator, and his daughter, Ran, with the hopes to find the men in black – and with them an antidote for the poison that shrunk him.

In these volumes, Conan’s elementary school friends try to help him a lot with solving cases, some easy to solve, others in fact pretty dangerous. Conan also meets Kaito Kid, the master thief for the first time and he gets a big step closer to the mysterious men in black when he meets a young girl with a dark secret.

Gosho Aoyama has a wonderful style, not only with his stories, but also with his drawings. He adds so many details that you can’t really get them all at first sight. Also, unlike a few other mangaka (that’s how manga artists are called), he clearly distinguishes the characters, not only when they’re big in the picture, but even when he only has a small frame and draws a few characters in there pretty small.

Also, the mysteries are always really adorable. Nothing really dangerous or bloody, so it is also wonderful for older kids.

Rating: 4/5


  1. I LOVE this anime it's so great and adorable. I haven't read the manga though. I shall have to do that someday. :)

  2. I love the premise for this story. Mysteries are fun. Nice pic to have reviewed. =)

  3. These sound a lot of fun and I adore the cute covers :)

  4. Glad you all like them!
    Please do tell me if you read them, okay? :-)