Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Taste Of Fantasy

Number: 68
Title: A Taste Of Fantasy
Author: Isabel Sharpe
Started: July 9, 2007
Finished: July 10, 2007
Pages: 250
Genre: romance

Language: English

Where The Book Came From: From my bookshelf.

First Sentence: What I can't seem to get my brain to stop obsessing over is: How do you know when love is real?

Cover Blurb: If you've had the ring... And walked down the aisle... But the "I do" turned into "I don't..." Get a Man To Do!

Samantha Tyler is still smarting from her divorce, so happily-ever-after is the last thing on her busy legal mind. But with her libido far from dead, finding a Man To Do - purely to take the edge off - seems like the perfect plan. And sexy Jack Hunter seems like the perfect wrong guy - anyone who photography women as objects for a living must be practically a Neanderthal, right? Exactly the kind of man to give Samantha exciting, mind-blowing sex with none of the risks of a real romance of the heart.

But when she agrees to work with Jack as one of his models, Samantha begins to realize his commitment to his career only hints at the tenderness and passion below the surface. Has she picked herself a Man To Do she'd like to do forever?

Reason For Reading: I needed some fluff to fall asleep.

Comments: Hm, back to "my" language! ;) What wasn't mentioned in the cover blurb was the thriller-aspect of this book. I was taken quite by surprise when I read it, but I won't complain here! It added to the plot in a nice way though it could have been woven in a bit better. But I won't complain about that, cause I enjoyed the characters a lot, it was what I expected and the writing was good!

Rating: B+

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