Monday, July 9, 2007

The Desert Virgin

Number: 65
Title: The Desert Virgin
Author: Sandra Marton
Started: July 5, 2007
Finished: July 6, 2007
Pages: 156
Genre: romance

Language: German

Where The Book Came From: From my bookshelf.

First Sentence: [translated by: me] Cameron Knight was thirty-two years old, slender, musculous, over 6'3" tall and had green eyes.

Cover Blurb: [translated by: me] Abducted and sold to a harem - the destiny of ballet dancer Leanna seems to be sealed. Until attractive Cameron enters her life. Putting his own life at stake he frees her from the grip of the sultan of Baslaam. During a dramatic flight through the desert, Leanne can withdraw herself from day to day less from the fascinating masculine charisma of her savior, in a magical oasis she finally surrenders to his persuasiveness. But when she admits her love, overjoyed by luck after an intoxicating night, he rejects her ice cold...

Reason For Reading: I needed some fluff to fall asleep

Comments: I just like foreign countries a lot, and as long as money's tight I enjoy travels in my mind even more! With those fluffy novels I get fluff, perfect bedtime literature and travels of the mind!

Favorite Part: The part where Cameron sees Leanna again for the first time after they both have returned home.

Rating: B

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