Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Bare Facts

Number: 69
Title: The Bare Facts
Author: Karen Anders
Started: July 11, 2007
Finished: July 12, 2007
Pages: 255
Genre: romance

Language: German

Where The Book Came From: From my bookshelf.

First Sentence: [translated by: me] Listen, Haley.

Cover Blurb: [translated by: me] Hot erotic fantasies are topic of Haley's first column. Fantasies she has, but due to a lack of a partner, she can't live and therefore can't describe in an exciting way. Then she remembers Dylan Malone, her only One-Night-Stand - with enough champagne to be uninhibited. But since the champagne not only quickened her libido, but also befuddled her memory, Dylan has to help out again. And his shock about Haley's brazen request gives way to prickling anticipation...

Reason For Reading: It was lying around and looked old and lonely. I felt sorry for the book.

Comments: I have this feeling I'm only reading this type of books right now - which actually isn't true, because during the day I'm reading some of the heavier stuff. And exams and a paper are coming up. I wished I would see progress with my other books, but other than the audio, there's no real progress to be seen :( I am really looking forward to the last Harry Potter now, as it'll be a last short "vacation" before I have to sit down and concentrate on my paper!

But enough with the whining already. I enjoyed the characters and it was fun to see them deal with their differences, especially when it came to social standing. Back at school we were a mixed class, we had quite a few upper class kids as well as a few lower middle class kids (I'm not sure about the lower class, but I'd assume there were a few as well), so it was interesting to compare.

Rating: B+

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