Saturday, April 8, 2006

on a more personal note - the last three months...

During the last three months I wrote 2 papers for university (all in all about 55 pages) - well, actually, this took me only about 5 weeks. That's all the time I had after writing an exam in mid-February (the papers where due March 30th).

I really hope I passed the exam and the two papers - four point, come on, I should be able to get lousy four aout of eighteen points, right?!? Even though the exam was not all too good, I think. I have a bad feeling about the exam and about the second paper, but maybe I'm lucky and got the four points I need to pass. I only have to pass so that I won't have to do it again, I have to be done with four exams and one paper by September. So far I have one exam and one paper *shameonme*

On the other hand, if I didn't pass, maybe I can give it another try and be really good? Heck, I just don't know what I want. The grades don't count a bit, but wouldn't it be nice to do better than just the four points necessary to pass? Argh!!!

Well, I think I better don't think about it too much, it'll be another two to three months until I know for sure, after all! So I will just concentrate on the many, many books I have not yet read and on the courses I intend to attend this semester (the new one began April 1st - how's that for an April joke? ;-) ).

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