Monday, April 10, 2006

books aquired

For some reason I felt like I deserved some books as a treat after finishing up those two papers in March... Well, they should have arrived at my parents' by now :-) Can't wait to get to see them *jumpingupanddown*
Two already arrived last week on Monday just a few minutes after I got to my parents', so I already brought them here with me...

The two books I already have here are:

Janet Evanovich - High Five
This is the fifth installment in her Stephanie Plum series which I really, really love! It always helps me to get out of a slump, but I think I'm going to read this one as soon as possible. I have to get on with the series a little *g*

Sue Grafton - B Is For Burglar
The second installment in her alphabet series starring Kinsey Millhone... I'm currently reading this one and I really enjoy it! So far I read a little over a third of it and I can't wait to finish it - I sooo want to know where Elaine Boldt is!!!

Then there are three other books (all first in series!) that should have arrived at my parents:

Victoria Laurie - Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye
Abby Cooper - obviously the lead character - is a psychic solving crimes... That's as much as I know. Anyway, it sounds interesting, so I decided I want to read it :-)

Emilie Richards - Blessed Is The Busybody
This is a cozy mystery set in Great Britain in a rather small town. The main character is the wife of a minister who decided to help troubled souls in need of justice. It is a group read over at cozy first mysteries. The books sounds like quite some fun, so I intend to read it.

India Ink - Scent To Her Grave
Persia Rose Vanderbilt, who is the lead character of this cozy mystery, is working in a bath and beauty shop where one day beauty queen Lydia Wang is found murdered. This is another group read for cozy first mysteries and I can't wait to read it. Hopefully, it will live up to what I expect...

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