Sunday, April 4, 2010

Busy week ahead

So, the upcoming week will be filled with "events". I will spend some time at my dentist's to see whether or not we'll extract my (last!) wisdom tooth. I'm not sure whether I want it out or not. If it's out, I won't be able to get any decent food for another week (maybe even a few days longer). After 8 days of card board bread and potatoes, I could really use some good food :-P

Then, my blogiversary is coming up. Yay! Also, my birthday is coming up - two days after the blogiversary. So watch out for something nice (I hope)!

And on my birthday? Well, and then there will also be Dewey's 24 Hour Read-A-Thon - finally! You can't wait either, can you? If you haven't heard of this awesome read-a-thon yet (really???), check it out and join in! It's the most fun you can have!

And as soon as next weekend is over, I will be back at university, the new semester begins!


  1. You do have a busy week; hope you have a nice birthday.

  2. So sorry to hear about the tooth situation. Yuck and ow! I hope it works out well and you're feeling better in no time.

    Happy almost blogiversary and almost birthday! So much fun! I also wanted to let you know that my two books (Numbers and Speak) from your contest just arrived and I was so excited to receive them! Thanks again!!

  3. Wow, you do have a busy week! I hope everything goes well!

  4. Thanks, Diane, I hope so, too. My dentist has the last word, though - no cake, no nice birthday ;-)

    Wrighty, I agree! It doesn't hurt, but it needs to be extracted anyway. Basically, it's a "check out and decide then" kind of appointment with my dentist. If he wants to pull it out right away, the time's there, but somehow I don't feel like it, really...
    And thanks! :D I'm so surprised and happy the books already arrived.

    Kathy, thanks! I also definitely hope things go well. And maybe with a different appointment to have the tooth extracted ;-)