Wednesday, April 14, 2010

books, books, and more books - currently reading and not reading

I'm sooo tired! My first week of lectures at unversity is already finished (I only have classes Mon through Wed) and 4 of my classes didn't even take place yet, but I'm so tired, I actually went to bed at 8:30pm yesterday and only read for an hour before I switched off the light and dozed off, happily slept until close to 7am this morning and I am still (or again?) tired!

With all the being tired I haven't read much, but instead I started a few more books. Just what I needed, right? On Monday, I bought and started reading one of Carlo Goldoni's works (the title escapes me, sorry - it's about a notorious liar and his servant, Arlecchino). On Sunday late in the evening I discovered - to my shock and horror - that sometime after my wisdom tooth issue, they changed the class info for my class on Italian lit and I was supposed to read this one *before* the class started. And yes, the class started on Monday! Anyway, I got up early, left for the book shop to get the book and the sat down in the Starbucks right around the corner and started reading. I think I read the first 20 pages before I had to leave for my class, so I really was nowhere near finished (the book has only about 90 pages, but still!). Now, on to said class, with a guilty conscience! And there I found out we won't discuss the book until late May or even early June. Duh! I could have saved myself the trouble (and another currently reading-book. Well, I'm now half-way through, so I will finish it and then skim it once we're closer to the actual discussion date.

Then, I needed something light for the evening, because on Monday already, I was just so tired! So I picked up one of my romance novels which I have here. My small stack of "lifesavers", so to say, because I just can't fall asleep unless I read a few pages. No matter how tired I am, I just won't fall asleep! And then, I'm reading the 4th House of Night book, Untamed. I am on page 45, I think, which really isn't that far into the story yet, and even though I enjoy it, I just haven't managed to pick it back up today (not after the train ride home from the dentist, who took the stitch out this noon, anyway).

Really, right now, I just wished I could sit down with *one* book and finish it. But no, I have a bunch going.

And as if that is not bad enough, I sorted through all the bills from my book-shopping sprees (I collect them :-P ). I filed all those away that have unread books on them, and I have unread books from as far back as 2006 (that's as far back as I could go)! Can you imagine that? 2006!!!

The books are:

1) P.J. Tracy: Dead Run
2) Tamar Myers: The Ming & I
3) Julia Spencer-Fleming: In The Bleak Midwinter
4) Joanne Fluke: Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder (one would think I read that right away - chocolate chip cookies and all!)
5) Rhys Bowen: Death of Riley
6) Nancy Fairbanks: Death A L'Orange
7) Emilie Richards: Let There Be Suspects
8) Rachel Gibson: Simply Irresistible

And maybe Janet Evanovich's Seven Up, but I can't find it on my TBR piles or shelves. Wherever that book is, I hope I already read it!

This run down really scared me, so I didn't even think about going through the bills from 2007. It can only get worse! *sigh*

Do you have many unread books at home from looooong ago?


  1. Sometimes I miss being in school and then I remember how tough it could be. At least you have more time to finish your book for class I guess. I hope your week gets better and that your classes go well.

    I do have some unread books from years ago but they are nonfiction. Usually I give books away if I don't read them but these are books that I keep thinking I will get around to plus they are about spiritual things/self-improvement so I'd feel guilty if I didn't read them. Now I don't allow myself to buy nonfiction books in case I don't read them. I hate to think of how much money I've spent over the years when I get in one of those self-improvement kicks and think "I need to read my Bible more or I need to work on being more patient, etc." and then I go and buy books that will supposedly make me a better person and they just sit on the shelf. Unread.

    I hope you get the time to make some headway with your TBR piles and don't feel bad because you aren't the only one with unread books on her bookshelf.

  2. I still have Mother Missing from Joyce Carol Oates and Tales of Passion, Tales of Woe (cant remember the author) to read. These i believe i bought a few years ago when my obsession with books really started to show. But its hard for us students. Right now i have a 4 page analysis that i have to do on a research method (i have yet to begin this) and several other group meetings ( for projects) coming up. Its tough but am not sure i would read several books at a time though. I tend to mix up characters and story lines.

  3. More than anyone shall ever know! Considering the fact that I was supposed to read Dr Zhivago in uni (what almost 8 years ago now, since I was suppoused to read it in the first year) you're not alone.

  4. I'm guilty, too. In fact, I've had books for so long, that I've ended up donating them to school fetes because I just knew I'd never get around to reading them!

    To solve the problem, this year I decided to take action. I went public with my shame, and put up on my blog a personal challenge: I am going to read 10 'shelf sitters' by the end of 2010.

    I'm not doing too well so far... I've only read 2. But your post should push me along!

    tschuss :)


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