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Tachibana Higuchi: ALICE ACADEMY Vol. 4-7

Alice Academy 05 (couldn't find the cover or a link on

Alice Academy 07 (couldn't find the cover or a link on

Even though I couldn't find two of the covers on, the links for the other two volumes lead to the respective Amazon websites.

Tachibana Higuchi
727 pages

The Alice Academy is a bording school for students with "special abilities". These abilities range from being able to control pheromones to attract animals to creating any possible tool just by thinking it up.

The cast in this series is extensive, mostly because it's an entire grade plus their teachers and mentors , but somehow, Tachibana Higuchi managed to keep it easy enough for me to know whom I'm looking at even if I take a small break between the volumes.

After the appearance of a mysterious group that tried to kidnap Natsume, the students are under heavy surveillance, but something is still out there and the students are not safe, so a group around Mikan takes off to find out more.

I really recommend this series, as it is fun and with a bit of fantasy/sci-fi mixed in. Of course, if you have read mangas before, you know why I'm only giving so little information. There is so much happening that you just can't sum it up - and if you would it would spoil the series for those that haven't read the previous volumes.

Rating: 4/5

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