Monday, August 24, 2009

back to blogging

I'm back! I can't believe it, but it is really true :-)

I had to extend my vacation a bit because I was really exhausted and and managed to plan my vacation for the time that turned out to be the hottest time of the year so far. A few times I was very close to melting LOL (For those living in tropic areas: I don't do well with heat all day - and night - long! For you, the temps would have been ridiculous.)

I'm still not done with my papers and essays (they're due at the end of September), so I can't guarantee you that I'll get and stay up to date with my reviews until then, but I'll do my best and will keep posting.

For now, I will try to update all my challenge posts (and add one or two challenges) and write reviews of all the books I read.

So you see what is coming up for you, I have a list of books I read during my vacation for you. The numbers are taken from my regular reading summary.

60) Kristan Higgins: Just One Of The Guys
61) Tachibana Higuchi: Alice Academy Vol. 6
62) Tachibana Higuchi: Alice Academy Vol. 7
63) Karen Tei Yamashita: Tropic Of Orange
64) Allison Leigh: A Weaver Wedding
65) Janice Kay Johnson: Snowbound
66) Cormac McCarthy: The Road
67) Jill Shalvis: Flashback
68) Merline Lovelace: A Question Of Intent
69) M. Reufsteck/J. Stoeckle: Die kleine House-Apotheke
70) Charlotte Douglas: Mystique
71) Elizabeth Young: Asking For Trouble
72) Jill Shalvis: Instant Attraction
73) Carly Phillips: Hot Property
74) Dani Sinclair: Secret Cinderella
75) Julie James: Just The Sexiest Man Alive
76) Donna Kauffman: The Cinderella Rules
77) Susan Elizabeth Phillips: Heaven, Texas
78) Susan Elizabeth Phillips: Lady Be Good
79) Nalini Singh: Visions Of Heat

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  1. I live in the tropics and I totally agree with you - is horrible, horrible, horrible!!!!

    Would move in a flash if I could :)