Friday, August 28, 2009

Japanese Literature Challenge III

I'm finally getting around to posting about this challenge. Of course I'm taking part in Dolce Bellezza's Japanese Literature Challenge III! I haven't been able to join this one for the first two challenges, but I have some books on Mt. TBR that would fit right in with this challenge.

The challenge starts July 30, 2009 and ends January 30, 2010.

My possible reads are:

1) Haruki Murakami: A Wild Sheep Chase
2) Yasushi Inoue: Der Tod des Teemeisters (couldn't find the English title)
3) Natsuo Kirino: Real World
4) Hitori Nakano: Train Man

Since I have already read tons of mangas this year I won't add any of those to my official list, but if I do read one I'll add it in an additional list.


  1. I love Japanese literature, so I'm pleased to see you joining in.

    I loved Out, so am very keen to hear your thoughts on Real World. Enjoy the challenge!

  2. I'm already curious :-) I read the back cover blurb of Real World and it sounds so good. I never read a review or anything, so it was really on a whim that I bought that one... ;-)