Monday, February 2, 2009

Name change

So, I admit it, I once again changed my blog's name... With my reading tastes having changed a little bit (no longer mysteries almost exclusively, but among a few other genres), I figured Crazy cozy murders didn't fit 100% anymore, so I tried to find a new name. Unfortunately, all I came up with was It's all about books.... Now, I still wasn't really happy with the name, so I pondered the whole thing some more - a lot more, actually! So, tonight I was on my way home from my last class of the day at 9:30PM when it hit me:

Secret Dreamworld of a Bookaholic

So, maybe this is my final decision, maybe it isn't. Time will tell!
I think what made me like the name was my very first blog, titled book-a-holic alarm!!!. Not very creative, I know, but the term "bookaholic" fits me very well. I love books in all forms, shapes, genres - I don't discriminate books unless I don't like their content, and even then I won't throw a book away. I treat my books with respect, don't earmark them, I don't twist and turn them or do any of those cruel things to them that I see every day on the bus, on the train, everywhere in public and even in libraries! It makes my eyes pop out with shock, my stomach contents sometimes don't like their surroundings too much - it's horrible! So I figured bookaholic had to be part of the new name. And then, for some reason, the "Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic" came to my mind. I read this books years ago, but I still remember it fondly. I remember the laughs it gave to me, the hilarious moments - and I figured my life is at times really hilarious!
There you go... I hope you like the new name!