Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mailbox Monday, February 2

Marcia from The Printed Page is hosting the Mailbox Mondays, where participants reveal which books they had in their mailbox in the past week.

1) Rutu Modan: Exit Wounds (for the Graphic Novel Challenge)
The Jewish Museum here currently has anexhibition on graphic novels and comics by Jewish artists/authors. The comics range from Superman to Maus and it's simply awesome! Rutu Modan will be one of the people coming for a special event at the museum and will be talking about Exit Wounds, so I figured I'd read it and maybe even go to the event.

2) Jill Shalvis: Instant Attraction (for the 2009 Pub Challenge and the Countdown Challenge)
The girls at The Book Binge had an entire week, I think filled with posts about this novel and it sounded right up my alley, so I just had to get it! I read an excerpt already and enjoyed it so much, I doubt this book will be waiting on Mt TBR for too long! The story revolves around Katie, a young woman who leaves her home after a near-fatal accident, and Cameron, a former snowboarder whose career ended after an accident. Katie finds herself in a small Californian town where she begins working for Wilder Adventures and Expeditions - the company owned by Cameron and his brothers...

3) Rachel Gibson: Tangled Up In You (for Romance Challenge)
I've always enjoyed Rachel Gibson's novels a lot, and when I checked her website I realized that this one I don't know yet.

4) Cindy Gerard: Show No Mercy
I found this romantic suspense novel by chance only, and I think I'll be really glad to have found it! Two years after she was held captive in Buenos Aires, journalist Jenna McMillan returns for two reasons: She gets to interview a secretive billionaire and wants to search for the man who saved her. When a bomb explodes at the National Congress, Jenna and the man who saved her have to team up to escape from an enemy stalking them with deadly precision...

5) Merline Lovelace: Devlin And The Deep Blue Sea (for the Harlequin/Silhouette Romance Reading Challenge)
I have been searching for a book with some sort of water in its title for the challenge since I joined it without any real success, until I read the review for this one on the blog of another participant. It sounds wonderful and when I checked Amazon, they had one copy left - which ended up here with me!
And I have to say, I love the cover! ;-)

6) Marie Ferrarella: The Bride With No Name
I read my first book by Marie Ferrarella only a few days ago and I loved it - so I had to get another one!
This is part of a four (?) book series called "Kate's Boys". Restaurateur Trevor Marlowe rescues a woman from the sea and takes her in when he realizes she doesn't remember her name or her life before he pulled her from the sea.

7) Jill Shalvis & Jacquie D'Alessandro & Jamie Sobrato: Heating Up The Holidays - A Hunky Holiday Collection (for the Harlequin/Silhouette Romance Reading Challenge and the Erotica Challenge)
This is the probably oiliest cover I've seen in all my life! I don't know how much oil they splashed on the poor guy, and I sure don't want to know, but I have the feeling that, if you spilled the same amount of oil in the North Sea, you'd have a problem at hand... But luckily, it's not about the cover, but about the content, the three stories written by 3 authors I haven't read yet. Well, without realizing it I got two books by Jill Shalvis this week and I have a feeling I'll read both rather sooner than later!


  1. You have some awesome books listed. I have the Marie Ferrarella in my TBR and I've read the RG, JS and the Heating up the Holidays anthology and all were fabulous. Can't wait to see what you think.

  2. That graphic novel looks great. I love the art.

  3. @ Holly: By now I read the Ferrarella and the Heating Up The Holidays anthology and enjoyed both! I still have to read the JS & the RG, but I doubt it'll be long...

    @ Beth F: Watch out for the review of the graphic novel! I finished it already and just have to find the time to catch up with my reviews...