Friday, July 7, 2006

a late May - reading-wise

Considering that it is really late for my May reading I will simply blog titles and ratings. Should you have any questions about the books, feel free to contact me at:

My May reads (books 17-29):
Emma McLaughlin & Nicola Kraus - The Nanny Diaries; C (306 pages)
Janet Evanovich - High Five; A- (317 pages)
Katherine Applegate - Now Zoey's Alone; B- (173 pages)
Sidney Sheldon - Are You Afraid Of The Dark?; B+ (398 pages)
Claire Bret├ęcher - Agrippine en famille; A- (61 pages)
Katherine Applegate - Don't Forget Lara; B (153 pages)
Katherine Applegate - Zoey's Broken Heart; B- (164 pages)
Meg Cabot - Teen Idol; B+ (266 pages)
Victoria Laurie - Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye; A- (295 pages)
Nora Roberts - Black Rose (Dunkle Rosen); C+ (414 pages)
Nicci French - The Memory Game; F (29/390 pages)
Jilliane Hoffman - Last Witness; B+ (386 pages)
Kate Mosse - Labyrinth; F (90/694 pages)

All in all I read 3,052 pages this month.

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