Friday, August 18, 2006

I promise to be more regular...

... or at least I will try to.
Right now I'm writing a short summary of all the books I read so far this month, but I would like to give you a short update to what I read in June and July.


30. Emilie Richards: Blessed Is The Busybody; 262 pages; B+
31. Janet Evanovich: Hot Six; 336 pages; B+
32. Dave Pelzer: A Child Called It; 169 pages; B
33. Nancy Atherton: Tante Dimity und das geheimnisvolle Erbe (Aunt Dimity's Death); 317 pages; A-
34. Marion Chesney: Snobbery with Violence; 226 pages; A
35. Lucy Monroe: Die Sehnsucht lässt mich nicht mehr los (The Greek's Innocent Virgin); 156 pages; B
36. Miranda Lee: Affäre des Herzens (The Magnate's Mistress); 156 pages; B+
37. Catherine Spencer: Dr. Rossis schöne Geliebte (The Italian Doctor's Mistress); 156 pages; B-
38. Dana Stabenow: A Cold Day For Murder; 199 pages; B
39. Jacqueline Baird: Heiße Küsse - süße Rache? (Pregnancy of Revenge); 156 pages; B-


40. India Ink: Scent to her Grave; 260 pages; B+
41. Miranda Lee: Prickelnde Verführung (The Passion Price); 156 pages; B-
42. Trish Morey:Ball der Träume (The Italian Boss's Secret Child); 156 pages; B
43. Rebecca Winters: Blitzhochzeit in Portugal (Rafael's Convenient Proposal); 156 pages; B-
44. Sherryl Woods: Leidenschaft auf den ersten Blick (What's Cooking); 156 pages; C+
45. Julius Lester: The Autobiography of God; 245 pages; A
46. Jochen Zenthöfer: Staatsrecht 2 - Grundrechte; 128 pages; B+
47. Alice Kimberly: The Ghost and Mrs. McClure; 261 pages; A

Far too much stuff to keep my mind off for a while, but I needed it for the exams. I hope I did well on my exams, but I won't know for a few more weeks. And with each week the feeling gets worse. This is torture!!!

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