Thursday, July 6, 2006

Some idiots kept me from posting...

I finally got home today after a few very busy weeks (university, work, no internet thanks to my room mate, and family visiting :-) ).

My plans after being at university for a few hours today were:
- get home
- buy some food
- take a shower
- check my e-mails from during the last 2 weeks or so
- write a blog entry
- go to bed at adecent time

And now it is 0:20 a.m. on Friday, July 7 - what the heck is wrong with the world?!?

It all started with getting home from university. The subway I was at stopped at the Deutsche Bibliothek (German Library - this is one of two (?) libraries in Germany that has to have at least one copy of everything ever published here) for a regular stop, but as soon as the doors were open a whole bunch of students walked on the street right in front of us and they didn't even think of moving!

They were there demonstrating because thanks to our government we will soon have a two classes-society when it comes to education. The federal states in Germany can now decided whether the universities can (more exactly have to, but more anbout that in a later post) take study fees from us students. We used to be able to study for a mere 100-400 Euro per semester, but this is now to change to about an extra 500 Euro.

Well, a few months ago, back when they were still only thinking about passing this order, it would have been possible to stop it, but now it is DONE!!! It is over, why won't you just stop playing "kindergarten" and act like grown-ups again? But no, instead they all come to Frankfurt when it is really hot, demonstrate against something that is already done and act like real idiots.

When I looked out of the carriage I actually saw one of them throw a bottle at a passin car, others grabbed the driver of another car and when he tried to drive off (he had to stop because of them grabbing inside the car) one of those punk chicks hit his exterior mirror.

They are supposed to be grown-ups!!! I didn't see any out there today.

On top of all, the police stood there for at least 15 minutes without doing a thing. After these 15 minutes I got out of the subway and walked up to the nearest station to take a subway that brought me home...

*gr* What a kindergarten!!!

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