Monday, May 8, 2006

Yes, I am glad...

... that I study law in Germany and not someplace where they have case law!!!

Only a short while ago I discovered some English blawgs (for those of you who don't know this word: that's what blogs on law are called) and am now reading from the very beginning to today. Well, there is this one blawg by Law-Rah... And yes, we are so lucky! About a year ago (plus minus 3 months or so) she was in her second semester, so she should be about as faar as I am now - of course with the difference that she will be done with law school soon while I will have some more semesters to go (we don't have to go to college before we go to university here in Germany). Well, back in January last year she was busy with a certain case (just scroll down till Jan 29th - there unfortunately is no direct link).

What ever happened to names like Mark or Kimberly? That was nothing compared to my favorite:

"Those arrests led ultimately to these appeals by five of the men, Carlos Pagan-San-Miguel, Edgar Gonzalez-Valentin, Raul Lugo-Maya, Rafael Pava-Buelba and Julio Luciano-Mosquera...Oscar Fontalvo arrived in Puerto Rico in January 1991 to organize a scheme to smuggle cocaine into Puerto Rico...Fontalvo enlisted Pagan-San-Miguel and Jose Perez-Perez, who were to be paid in kind with 50 kilograms of cocaine. Pagan-San-Miguel introduced Fontalvo to Luis Soltero-Lopez, who agreed that his boat, the F/V Marlyn, would be used as the mothership. Soltero-Lopez recruited Jonas Castillo-Ramos to be captain, and Castillo-Ramos recruited two crew members for the drug run." U.S. v. Luciano-Mosquera, 63 F.3d 1142 (1st Cir. 1995.)

That speak went on for two more pages and even introduced Columbian watchdog names into the mix. I have no clue who did what, except that some guy was found under a jeep with a gun.

And that's when I was really, really happy to study law in Germany. We get our cases with "names" like A, B, X and W... Thinking about having to read a casewith names like that creps me out. I would certainly get this case on PC so that I could exchange the names in A, B... Don't you get completely insane reading cases like that?!?

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