Sunday, May 7, 2006

My very busy last two weekends...

Last weekend we, my bf and I, were at the Night of Museums. That's one night a year, when lots of Museums in Frankfurt (plus some in a town about half an hour from the centre) are open for visitors. You actually buy one card and can get into all those museums - plus they have some awesome programs, like musicians, work shops, etc. We saw sooo many museums :-) First we were at the Senckenberg museum (probably the most famous in Frankfurt?) with its dinosaurs, reptiles, etc. It's basically a nature-historical museum with lots of animals, but they had a special exhibition on spiders (which, to be honest, was rather small). I wanted to see it, so my bf (despite his arachnophobia) went with me :-) Then we had to get to this one place in the middle of Frankfurt (Konstablerwache) where they had a huge screen so that everyone could watch a soccer game (Eintracht Frankfurt vs. FC Bayern Munchen - it was a final of the DFB cup, and it's been about 15 years since Frankfurt last had the chance to win it! We didn't win, though - just because of a stupid referee *gr*). Then we went to lots of museums - including the Westhafen Tower, where I work. There you could get to the upper floor to see Frankfurt at night - wich is simply beautiful!!!
On our way back to the center of the city, I unfortunately had to discover that my watch (the one I got from my parents for last Christmas!) was gone... That was the only bad part of the night, though...
And lucky me, I got my watch back just last Thursday. I got to work and stopped right by the entrance where there's always someone taking care of the visitors. I explained that I had lost my watch that night and that it could have been there. So the nice lady called her boss who immediately checked the room. He then came down and told me that he hadn't found it right away, but that they indeed had found something... He then asked whether I could come back another day when the security personel was there. I agreed to check again the next day (I would have been there anyway - I had to work from 4p.m. to 8p.m.). So I got upstairs to work - and guess what... I was just on my way out of the building after work when the guy came out of his office again, saw me and asked whether I am the one who lost the watch. I said yes and he asked me to come with him for a second. On our way he asked whether it was a Fossil and I said yes, a silver one. He must have been right back to search for my watch again and he found it! Apparently, one of the sticks that hold the small pieces of the bracelet of my watch together fell out and that's how my watch could fall off of my hand. I will have it repaired as soon as I get to my parents again (which is as soon as I get a call from my optometrist that my new glasses arrived).

Well, but let me get to this weekend - you know I usually spend the weekend with my bf, but since his Dad will be here on a vacation starting next Saturday and ending the Sunday after, we most likely won't be together. We both love our families and he gets to see his Dad this rarely because of his Dad's job, that I think he should spend the time with him. I'll get to see him at university each day and then most weekends...

So, this weekend, we didn't go to university on Saturday. Instead we were each at our place and got things ready for this weekend. We got tickets for a football game (yes, we have American Football here as well!). It was Frankfurt Galaxy against Dusseldorf RheinFire. To be honest, RheinFire sucks. It's that easy!!! They can't play the game and they should probably try to get back to children's league... But that's the "I livein Frankfurt"-part of me talking ;-) I'm sure you know this from yourself with your fav team and "the Archenemy" *g*
Well, this was my first time ever football game. We got there at around 4p.m. for the "Power Party" - it's like a huge fair! Then we got into the stadion at about 6p.m. (1 hour before the game started) and my bf explained the basic rules to me (he used to play football himself - along with hockey, tennis...;-) ). I've been told that they always have someone perform for a short time before the teams actually are introduced - and this time it was Coolio!!! I first heard one if his songs back in 5th grade, so this was a great thing for me! Then we had a little celebration - first because Galaxy had it's 15th birthday, and second because Mario Bailey (for a pic: ) is now part of the Hall of Fame.
Then the game began and it was all really exciting - especially for me as I hardly knew the rules... But I have to admit that after a while I think I understood the system - though, I'm afraid I really got on my bf's nerves with my questions in the middle of the game! (He answered them anyway...)
We got home around 11:30p.m. - not without a short stop at Burger King's to get something to eat.

Today we slept long, had breakfast and watched the Formula 1 (oh how I hate Michael Schumacher - that dumb jerk should retire soon, if you ask me!). A few round before the end I got to the bathroom to get ready. With our ticket of the Night of Museums there was also the entry to the Design Annual. Wow, they have really interesting stuff there - especially those lamps - and not to forget the "smart house-systems, where you can take care of pretty much everything from each room... We got some magazines so that we can look at them again :-)

Right after the Design Annual we got back to the car and my bf drove me home. Would have been too difficult if I got back to his place and then took the train to my place - especially causeit was only 10 minutes from where we parked (instead of 30 minutes+ by train...).

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