Saturday, May 27, 2006

Been there, done that - anyting new?

Well, I was at class yesterday - CrimLaw. And it was sooo boring :-( In fact, we repeated the same stuff about fraud we had been explained the week before, just with three new cases.

The first case, there was this guy, let's call him A, who sold pants (29 Euro a piece) and said they were made of cotton. The pants are made of some other material, they're not cotton, but they are worth the 29 Euro. This, of course, is discovered.

The second case: A places a bet on a certain horse and wins. Before placing the bet A got the information of which horse won so that he could make sure he won. In some way, he got this information before the betting agency, went up to the counter and placed the bet.

The third case: At about 1890 (?), A offers up a herbal medicine against bellyache in a newspaper. Back at that time it was common knowledge that the combination of herbal medicine andbellyache in an offer meant some medication to help with abortion of an unwanted child. In this case, though, A really meant what he was saying, but didn't tell his clients specifically (why should he, anyway?).

Well, we basically discussed the way of how the fraud happened - was it caused by simpl being quite? By actually doing something so that others would believe it? Or by implied action?

So when we had a short break I decided that I would just go and buy some stuff I needed for the evening. After all, I was going to work right from university and there was no food at home. I don't have the money to always buy me some pizza on my way home from work!

But work was interesting. It only got really, really boring when I had like 45 minutes left. All the work that's left for me to do is stuff that takes ages to finish, but you can't really start doing it and then stop right where you are once the time's up. I would have said "who cares" and stayed a little longer, but first, I can't get over a certain amount of time, and then I also had to get the subway at 8:30 in the latest cause afterwards the line wouldn't go all the way north to where I live. It would have meant I had to change from the subway to a bus, after 9 p.m., and that's something I'd rather not do...

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