Thursday, May 21, 2009

Soon, oh so soon...

So, I've been planning my "new" (by now it seems so old to me I'm reluctant to use the word) bi-monthly regulars for the past 2 months, but due to other work I couldn't really launch it earlier. Now I'm on the last works of the first month's posts for both my Series Reading bi-monthly and my Religion & Literature bi-monthly.

Now, I will start these in June, finally! So it is coming pretty soon. I hope you will like what I have planned so far, but I'm letting you guess what will be first. So far, even I don't know for sure as June would fit in with the Series Reading due to the Mystery Read-A-Thon (which fits perfectly for the first series I have in mind), but I also have a review copy that fits in perfectly with the Religion & Literature theme, and I'd like to post the review very soon.

So stay tuned for the new regulars!

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